Monday, July 7, 2008

Google Closing Denver Offices

Blogscoped reports on Google closing its Denver (and Dallas) offices after an operational review. Google may have high cash flow and revenues, it may spend close to $54 million on food expenses to feed its employees, but it is practical in determining the business case for each office. If a location does not have a positive NPV or fit in its long term strategy, it does not to continue with it.

(quote from blogscoped)

Following an operational review, we are consolidating our offices in Dallas and Denver, as we currently have at least two offices in each of these markets. This reorganization is designed to ensure we are serving the needs of our customers, stakeholders and Googlers [Google employees] efficiently. These are the only two cities affected by this review, and all affected Dallas and Denver Googlers will be offered opportunities within the company.

Sunday, July 6, 2008

Boulder Net Reaches Its First Milestone - 100 members

The group on LinkedIn was started in January and it took six months to grow to 100 members. Compared to most groups on LinkedIn this is a small group. The group could have been bigger if I had approved the requests from those "LION"s who join any and every group just to get access to LinkedIn members. I turn away those requests unless they show some Colorado in their past.

The Blog on the other hand gets no readers. It serves only one purpose now, to get Google search presence.

May be things will change in the second of this year.