Sunday, April 13, 2008

Boulder Net In the Long Tail

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Since the LinkedIn group Boulder Net required a web page I created one using Squidoo. Squidoo was started by Seth Godin, a well known author on viral marketing (and a Stanford GSB MBA). Anyone can create a Squidoo web page on a topic like, Boulder Net, or cooking, hiking etc. It is exactly one page and Squidoo calls this page as Lens.

Lens/Page creation is extremely easy and it allows me to add content through RSS feeds. There are probably 400K or so lenses on Squidoo. When I first created the Boulder Net lens on March 31st, it was ranked at 47K. Today is is about 22K. There are two other links (I added both) coming from outside to this lens, and I visit this lens once a day to add some RSS feed. The visitor statistics show utmost 1 visit/day over the past two weeks. Yet the lens rose in rank. This means there are at least 25K pages that do not even get 1 visit per day, get edited or have external links. For the others that are lower than 47K it is probably much worse.

Talk about the long tail. The tail for lenses seem to start at close to 100-500 with a length of 399500. The Tail to Head ratio is about 790 to 3995!
Boulder Net is proud to be in the tail.

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