Monday, May 26, 2008

Get in! Get out! Get on with your life!

Web surfers are getting more practical and impatient. A new report that measured user web surf metrics shows that people are not biting the tactics that are designed t keep the user longer or subscribe to a service.

The annual report into web habits by usability guru Jakob Nielsen shows people are becoming much less patient when they go online.

Instead of dawdling on websites many users want simply to reach a site quickly, complete a task and leave.

Most of the time people enter the site in the middle, through a search engine, and not through your home page. So every page should be designed as a landing page to service the viewer else they are off. They are not going to spend time drilling down the pages. The other truth about reaching through search engines is that the domain name does not matter. It does not have to be memorable or catchy, users are going to find the site increasingly through search engines.

Dr. Nielson's next point makes me wonder if I should get rid of widgets like Newreel and slide shows from this blog.

Web users were also getting very frustrated with all the extras, such as widgets and applications, being added to sites to make them more friendly.

Such extras are only serving to make pages take longer to load, said Dr Nielsen.

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