Thursday, May 15, 2008

LinkedIn Endorsements

LinkedIn has a feature that allows you to endorse your connections or to receive endorsement from them. LinkedIn encourages people to get recommendations by indicating that your profile is only 80% complete, add four more recommendations and it will be 100% complete. This is a nice marketing message, people usually react to this positively.

Do these endorsements matter?
By definition you only accept positive endorsements and hence all of these are positive. So how can one make any judgment based on all positive endorsements? Even though these are all glowing and positive, the fact that someone has taken time to write you one is a positive sign.

Some recruiters who post on LinkedIn say in their posting, "you need to have endorsements if you want to apply for this job". I bet they are not going to make their decisions on the text in the endorsement as much as the presence of it. Their logic probably is, "if you cannot even get your closest colleagues to endorse you, I do not want to look at your resume".

My conclusion is endorsements add value only as a signal to the reviewer that they can spend more time in your profile/resume. After that initial screening, the endorsements don't matter much.

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